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corporate services

We provide comprehensive and very market specific ‘business to business’ consulting services specializing in the wedding industry. We accept a limited number of select, non-competitive clients to offer our services to assist in “romancing the wedding market.”

Our goal is to help clients maximize their revenue and take their already successful wedding-related businesses to the next level by creating innovative and powerful strategies and connections.

Services offered depending on area of specialty consulting required:

  • Strategic Business Consultation | New Business Development
  • Brand Attribute Studies
  • Global Competitive Reviews
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Integrated Wedding Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Advertising + Creative Strategy Development
  • Media Planning Strategy
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Speaking Engagements | Wedding Business Seminars
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Private Label Wedding Certification Programs
  • Professional & Unbiased “Shop” Reports
  • Operational Audits & on-the-spot Support
  • Wedding Package Development & Guest Communication Tools
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Wedding Industry Connections
  • Innovative Concepts | Wedding Promotions
high-end wedding business

“Rebecca + Kathryn’s creative vision paves the way for the entire industry.

Siri Eklund
Founder, Two Bright Lights

“How can we possibly thank you enough?  We’ve been inspired to the point of euphoria. The advice that you shared and the expressions on your face as we shared our challenges with you have motivated us to take a new and very exciting path in the future!”

Blair deLaubenfels

“I very much enjoyed your presentation to our PR and advertising team. The energy with which you presented was motivating and the quality of the information you shared was “mastercard-like”…priceless.”

Rod Caborn
Executive Vice-President, Public Relations
YPB&R – Orlando, Florida

“Rebecca has some of the most unique and exciting ideas in the wedding industry. Her ability to conceive & execute these ideas and bring them to fruition is unparalleled in my experience.”

Andy Marcus
Fred Marcus Photography, NY

“Rebecca Grinnals is one of the major players in the development of destination weddings.”

Tom Curtin
Publisher, Bridal Guide Magazine

“I wanted to quickly say thanks for an amazing day. I’m not sure my brain has yet fully processed all the information, but I feel like I know what direction we should be headed and that’s exactly what I was hoping to get from our session.”

Thompson Poole Photography
Denise B. Cornell, Owner/Client Relations